For many years, our Centre has been cooperating with the Reh-Mediq Rehabilitation and Medical Centre in the nearby Tyczyn. Reh-Mediq services are performed based on the most state-of-the-art physical therapy techniques, which assures comprehensive diagnostics and treatment for patients. The patients can rely on high quality healthcare services, in particular as concerns medical rehabilitation and health promotion.

Thanks to that, we offer professional healthcare of top quality, adjusted to individual needs and to the medical indications for each patient.

Reh-Mediq offers services within:

  • Rehabilitation clinic – medical diagnosis and rehabilitation plan and recommendations.
  • Outpatient physical therapy – rehabilitation and physical therapy treatments for locomotive system and nervous system disorders.
  • Day rehabilitation centre – rehabilitation and physical therapy treatments supervised by the doctor responsible for the centre, more intensive treatment and greater number of treatment days.
  • Health practice – pro-health programmes, trainings, functional diagnostics.

Services available:

Physical therapy room – treatment within:

  • electrotherapy,
  • laser therapy,
  • light therapy,
  • cryotherapy,
  • low- and high-frequency magnetic fields therapy,
  • fluid therapy,
  • pressure therapy,
  • ultrasound therapy.

Hydrotherapy room – treatment within:

  • underwater bubble massage,
  • local underwater massage with a nozzle,
  • ring shower,
  • Aquavibron,
  • whirlpools baths for the upper and lower limbs.

Kinesiotherapy room – treatment within:

  • active exercises,
  • passive exercises,
  • active-passive and assisted exercises,
  • non-weight bearing exercises,
  • pulley exercises,
  • individual exercises,
  • exercises using various therapeutic methods, e.g. PNF or McKenzie.

Massage and manual therapy room – treatment within:

  • therapeutic massage,
  • lymphatic massage,
  • segmentary massage,
  • isometric massage,
  • sports massage,
  • instrumented massage.

Health practice – offering body care treatments based on various massaging techniques. The following treatments are available:

  • hot chocolate firming massage,
  • hot stones relaxation massage,
  • anti-cellulite honey massage,
  • aromatherapy – massage with warm essential oils, modelling cupping massage.